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Idolatry is a term given to the process of worshiping or can be defined as the process to admire, love, or reverence for something or someone. But this process is mainly for the creator of the world that God. In India, idolatry is also known as worshiping the idols “murti puja” in which idols of Indian Gods as worshipped by people in different ways like Japa, havan, aarti, Chalisa, etc. here Indian Gods refers to the energy or source of energy that are mainly known by Indian or the people who have studied the Indian culture and religion. In the Hindu religion people (devotees) worship their idols (statues) as though they are their God. This condition gives a new definition to idolatry that is “Idolatry is the process to worship of an idol as though it were God themselves.”

In India Idols & Worship Accessories (statues of gods) of different Gods can be found in every house of Hindu people (people who follow and respect Sanatan dharma). In Hinduism statue is called a murti or Pratima. And people believe that it becomes easier for worshiping our idols when we can see the statues of anthropomorphic icons that we believe in. anthropomorphic icons refer to the non-human traits of some form of energy or God.

Worshiping gods in India (murti pooja) 

Murti is a general term given to the statues or idol of God or revered mortals in India or we can say in Hindu culture. In Hindu temples, murtis are symbolic icons. The murtis are not God themselves but they are carved in the shape of God or mortals that are worshipped by different people in different ways. The nontheistic tradition of Jain people also allows them to worship their idol’s statues of revered mortals. The Jain temples have statues of their revered mortals that are worshipped in murti puja with rituals.

A murti is produced by carving some stones, from woods, pottery, or through metal casting. In India murti of God are of various types with various expressions. The expression of idols varies from ugra (destructive expressionsto Soumya (symbolizes joy, knowledge, harmony). Soumya expressive images of God are very common in temples of the Hindu religion. A divine murti refers to the embodiment of a god or goddess. These murtis are worshipped by brahmans in Hindu temples. in India Soumya are generally worshipped everywhere. These statues or murtis of God represent the pacific, peaceful and expressive nature of God. These statues of God carry symbolic icons that represent peace, knowledge, music, wealth, flowers, and sensuality among other creatures.

Preparation of murtis and other accessories for worshiping

  • Murtis are prepared properly by following the rules of Shilpa shastras.
  • Murtis can be prepared from different materials like copper, brass, wood, stone, etc.
  • Installation of murtis in a temple is done through the prana pratishta ceremony.
  • The artists who make murtis are known as shilpins.
  • After the murtis are produced, the murti can wear dresses too, which will beautify the murti and can also tell us about God.
  • The dresses can be handmade.
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